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Snaptube, your partner in downloading media files
Snaptube, your partner in downloading media files

Snaptube download 2021

The Snaptube app makes it practicable for you to download media files from major video sites, including Metacafe, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and Instagram, effortlessly. Therefore, you can access the content of your interest without having to spend a lot on mobile data. The app credits its development to Mobiuspace, based in China. It runs on Android OS, with no available version for PC yet, but you can go around that by installing an emulator like Bluestacks.

Features in Snaptube

Multiple Options to Save

It presents to you the option to save your downloads in a range of resolutions and sizes. You decide what suits you.

Audio Options

It’s possible to save files in different formats, i.e., MP3 and MP4, and convert videos to audio.

User Interface

It comes in an opulent design that is easy to utilize and quite captivating.

Search Function

It has a search engine that is very effective when looking for content. Just type the keyword in the bar and get the preferred one. They come listed under multiple categories for faster access.

Multiple Downloads

It’s possible to download multiple files at a go by adjusting the maximum download task settings.

Downloading Snaptube

In your browser, search for Bluestacks for PC and download from the website. After installation, log into your Google account.

Go to, download the APK file, and right-click on it to install by choosing Bluestacks from the context menu.

The moment installation is complete, close and restarts Bluestacks to finish the installation process successfully.



How to Use Snaptube

On the homepage, go to the search bar and type your preferred item. A media list appears. Select your pick and, just below the video, click the download button. A menu appears listing the formats available and the size of the video file for download. Resolutions available range from 360p to 4K quality. Choose your preference.

If the media file is a big video or audio file, rename it by changing just one letter. It Hastens the download process. You can view your downloads by moving back to the results of your search.

While there, locate the blue button beside the search bar. Click to view all downloads and their progress. Once completed, they launch on your video or music player.

This app works with other websites and has a web option on its homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snaptube free?

Snaptube free with no download or usage charges.

Is Snaptube Safe?

It is safe and doesn’t come with malware upon downloading it. There had been complaints of the app serving invisible ads that run stealthily in your device using many data. It also employed background click to subscribe users to premium purchases without their consent. The main culprit was a software development kit code called Mango that embeds in the app. It would redirect users to multiple other pages to obscure its schemes.

Is It Illegal?

Snaptube is legal. It can download media files from the web, but the issue is how users choose to use it. The intentions of making Snaptube does not include the download of videos protected by copyright.

Is Snaptube available on the Play Store?

Snaptube is not accessible from the Play store owing to Google’s policy on apps utilized for downloading purposes because of the possibility of infringing on copyrights.

Alternatives to Snaptube


Tubidy is one alternative to Snaptube that will leave you impressed considering the different streaming sites it can access to download media files. Along with YouTube, these comprise Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Instagram. It works as an app with also a website version and is for free. You only tap on a video file to download, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, and get it in high quality. It comes with an integrated media player and international radio where you launch the files even without exiting the app. One drawback is the presence of popping ads.

YouTube Video Downloader

As its name connotes, this app comes as an extension tool permitting you to download media content from YouTube. One of the biggest selling points for the app is the opportunity to upload multiple files at a go. The procedure to download videos from YouTube starts by copying and inserting a URL in the field, which adds the file data to the download list. Downloads can be in several formats like 3GP, MP4, MP3, among others.


VidMate possesses a myriad of features that place it among supreme video downloaders. For starters, it comes with organized search categories that hasten the downloading process. Also present is a search bar for direct search. You get content from various streaming services that download at high speeds. It gives the option to choose a download location along with quality.

TubeMate 3

The simplicity of Tubemate makes it easy to navigate and comes with an elegant user interface and integrated browser that allows you to find your preferred sites swiftly. You access media files from a myriad of media platforms. You have an option to choose file format and quality before initiating your download. One drawback is the occasional appearance of disruptive in-app ads.


The new pipe app allows you to download video files from YouTube. It offers a stylish interface and the option of searching for videos before downloading. It has an integrated media player where you can enjoy your YouTube music while working on other tasks. It doesn’t have those annoying ads.


This app provides a formidable alternative to Snaptube. It enables you to download from numerous platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It has a well-set interface and an integrated video player. It has exceptional download speeds and assortment options for customization. There is a premium option for purchase. It comes without the banners and disruptive ads that are present in the basic version.


if you are looking into using snaptube apk in 2021, Snaptube has made great strides to establish itself as the go-to app for people wishing to record videos in a breeze. Not only is it available for Android users, but you can use it on your PC with the help of an emulator to accord you the option to record and enjoy your preferred content.