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Spotify Premium Free 2021

Free Spotify premium 2020
Free Spotify premium 2020

Spotify is high-quality internet music streaming app with over 50 million songs and podcasts.

Review of Spotify

There are over 170 million users worldwide using the service. It has been there since 1999. Spotify has contracts with some of the biggest labels in the market: Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal, and Marline, which is an association of small music players. The company is listed on the New York stock exchange and has headquarters in Sweden, and is legally domiciled in Luxemburg. There exist other subsidiaries, including Spotify USA, Spotify Singapore etc., among others. Spotify was founded on 23rd April 2006. The company is worth $25.6 Million. With Spotify premium free, you can access and play entire playlists. If you are looking for Spotify premium 2020, there exists a Spotify premium that is free, but it does not allow one to download music to a phone or computer. 




∙ Fast and reliable app

∙ You play the songs ads-free

∙ In Spotify offline mode, you don’t need the internet to access the music on your phone. You have access to up to 10,000 songs offline. 

∙ Compatibility and platforms: Spotify works with tablets, mobile, TV, computer 

∙ The sound quality on the Spotify premium is excellent.

∙ The premium has no adverts or interruptions. 

∙ You can listen to your music while offline if you had downloaded it while online. 


∙ The company removed the relics feature.

∙ The service is available in limited countries.

∙ Complaints about low compensation to artists



Geographical location

Spotify is now in most countries, including Europe, most of America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.


Spotify is compatible with the majority of modern devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spotify earn money?

The company makes money through premium subscriptions, music advertising, and offline and mobile listening. However, the company is not profitable even after getting investors to put in money as venture capital. The premium subscribers pay record per playback. Part of the money goes to running the company, others to paying the owners of the music. However, the musicians have not been pleased with the pay, including Tylor swift, to have a backlash. 

How does Spotify work?

Peer to peer (P2P) networks stream audio is quite similar to the use of torrents. It is possible through the use of google crowd. It ensures the music does not take up your computer space. The company is now into artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning. 

How to get Spotify Premium Free

There are several ways to get Spotify premium for free

As an offer from other products

Samsung has a six months offer for users who purchase the phones between 3/6/2020 and 3/6/2021 and have no prior experience with Spotify premium or have no other device. This offer is for USA citizens. The phones with this offer are Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, S20 5G, Galaxy Z Flip, S20 Ultra 5G, or Galaxy A51. Log in if you have an account or create an account. There is a ‘Premium’ tab on the bottom. Tap on it to redeem your offer. The Samsung customer support staff will be helpful. In case you pre-ordered the device, you will need to show the receipt.

After the six-month free period, you will automatically be charged for the service unless you cancel or have no money in the account. The monthly charge for the service is $9.99.

Going around Spotify features

Subscribe to premium service by going to the site and click on the word premium. Click on the link to try premium. There is a 30-day free trial advertised. Sign in if you have no Spotify account or log on if you have. “ Try Spotify Premium” you will need to select your method of payment then zip code. From the screen, give your PayPal or credit card information. Make a payment of zero dollars and start using Spotify premium. With your payment information, Spotify will automatically deduct your subscription of$ 9.99 after one month, but you can prevent this. You can cancel the subscription and start the process again. Try using a card with no money as well to register. 

Can I sign in with Facebook?

You may also sign up with Facebook so that you can follow to see what friends are listening to on their accounts. You can also share music with friends.

Procedure for getting Spotify Premium for free

You will need to the website. Go to premium—download music from Spotify premium on your device. With the Spotify app downloaded on your phone, get to the library. It is at the bottom right corner. Subscribe or log in to your Spotify account. Browse through to the playlist of your choice. Select the list, then click on the button on your right, “download.” The toggle turns green and starts to download. The music is now available to use offline.

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

∙ Login into the app or website.’

∙ Click your name from the drop-down menu, then select “Account.” 

∙ From the options, click on “subscription.”

∙ At the bottom of the list on Cancel your subscription, click on “view options.”

∙ Scroll to the bottom of the page, then ”Click here to continue to cancelling page.” 

∙ From the options provided, select the reasons for unsubscribing. Then “cancel the subscription.”

∙ Enter your password again, then ”Cancel Spotify premium subscriptions.”

∙ There will be a note on the date the subscription will expire. You will also get a further one month. 


Alternatives to Spotify

Apple Music

It is a product developed by Apple Inc. for streaming music and videos. Users have on-demand and curated music at their disposal. The service also hosts Beats, an international radio station that broadcasts 24 hours to 160 countries. 

Amazon music

It is also a service streaming service and an online music store. The company started selling music without digital rights from major labels. Amazon music has over 60 million records online. Amazon Prime music premium subscription is $79 a year or $7.99 per month. Music unlimited has a three months trial offer. It runs on Microsoft Windows, FireOS, Android, iOS,macOS, Amazon Alexa, 

Sound Cloud

Headquartered in Germany berlin, the Sound cloud is a European audio distribution and music sharing website. It is an open platform where anyone can load or download music, but they have to have the right to do so. Once you sign in to your Sound Cloud account, you can download the music to your device. 

iTunes Music Store

For those interested in streaming the latest music, movies, videos, and TV shows, this is the app. It has over 6o million songs that can play online. You also have an option of downloading to your device and play while offline. You can download iTunes for Windows from the Apple Music store. It ensures you get the latest version. The app comes installed for macOS Catalina. 


Tidal Premium

The membership price is $9.99 per month. Its goal is to unite artists and fans. You need a Tidal Hi-Fi membership to enjoy full benefits. The services include very high quality 320 Kbps, the same as Spotify premium. 


Spotify Premium is excellent for you, for you will have high-quality music in great variety without interruptions and ads. You only need to master the offers in the market and understand the system faults to get free service for a very long time. after this detailed Spotify review, Enjoy Spotify Premium 2020


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