Bass booster for PC
Bass booster

Improve your music -Bass Booster For PC

Bass booster for the best music and videos
Bass booster for the best music and videos

Bass booster for pc

If your pc is not loud enough or you want to increase the bass’s experience, you may want to go for a booster. An app that helps improve sound effects by boosting headphones or speakers. The app is quite popular and is also available as a chrome extension. The app works on any website. It enhances the videos you watch online and is right on any site YouTube, Netflix, sound cloud, YouTube etc.

Operating environment: can be used with Windows and Mac.

Cost: free download

Disadvantage: Works with chrome tabs only

Requirements: Supports various inputs, including MP3, OGG, and VMA. It enhances sound effects, 3d virtual sound.


Some computers have inbuilt sound settings. You may require better quality for your windows or mac.

It uses an audio equalizer, but you do not need to know it. You may adjust it to suit your style when the music or video is playing. It is even better when using a chrome book.



Easy to use

There are several pre-sets available. The app does not require technical knowledge to operate. It is simple, light, and clean with a very quick on/off button.



Fair, user-friendly, and straightforward. The Custom goes up to 40, but It could get better.  It also works very well and has no bugs.   It Works best with gamer headsets.


How to use outside chrome for entire pc

 3d virtue sound



Most of the users agree that the chipmunk on the app is funny.



Beware of pop-ups and viruses. May give pop-ups that offer malware, and hence it will be essential to remove the unmarked file through virus detector.  Your antivirus may alert you or report pop-ups. Some users have reported warnings that their personal information is in danger.



Makes sound or music louder low is 35 per cent louder, medium 40 per cent louder, High 45 per cent, very high over 50 per cent.


  • It enables several presents to set the bass.
  • Allows for custom settings
  • CMD *B for the instant bass boot to a website
  • Customizable bass options
  • Have a Graphic Equalizer
  • You do not expect any lags, for it works in real-time.



Download bass booster for pc



1)Right-click on the sound icon located on the right side of the taskbar. (it’s the icon you click to change the volume.) 2: Click on “sounds” (you should see a small window pop up on your screen.) 3: At the top of that window that pops up, there are four tabs. Click on the one that says, “Playback.” 4: Now, find the device in which you want to increase the bass. Right-click on it and click “Properties.” (Another small window should pop up on top of the other small window.) 5: At the top of the new window, there are five tabs. Click on the tab that is labelled “Enhancements.” *6: Now, you should see a list of options. (Each of the options should have a checkbox next to it.) Check the checkbox that says, “Bass Boost.” 7: Now click on the button at the bottom of the window, saying, “Apply.” Now click ok, and you are successful 🙂


On step 6, if you didn’t see a checkbox that says, “Bass Boost,” you may need to update the drivers on your headphones/speakers in which you are trying to boost the bass. To do this, follow these steps:


Go to the device manager. (To do this well, open the start menu by clicking the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. Now you should see a search bar. Search for “Device Manager,” and you should see a result called “Device Manager.” Click on it.) 2: A new window should appear. In the list of options, find the option which says, “Sound, video and game controllers.” 3: Now click the drop-down arrow, which looks like this: > **4: Right-click on the diver you want to update. (The name of your headphone/speaker/device should have the driver name in parenthesis) **For example, my headphone device is called Speakers (High definition audio device). The driver’s name is whatever is in parenthesis in the name of your headphone/speaker/device. For example, my driver is a “High definition audio device” because my machine is called Speakers (High definition audio device) 5: Click “Update Driver,” and you are will have to restart your computer. Click “Restart.” When your computer turns back on, you should be able to follow the initial steps above to boost the bass. The checkbox from earlier will show up now. If it doesn’t show up, your headphone/speaker/device may not support this feature, but most likely, it does. Hope I helped you out =D


Alternatives to Bass Booster

Speaker bass booster equalizer

It boosts speaker volumes by 20 per cent.

 It is a good Music Equalizer bass booster and volume booster.

To increase is an app for android that can improve volume on the phone.

Bass boost HP audio

Equalizer for Chrome


Volume Booster and Equalizer

A free app compatible with most devices and contains advertisements.  It is suitable for amplifying phone volume and also amplify Bluetooth speakers and headphones.    It is excellent but would be good with multi-selection and customization options.


Bass Booster Pro

It will boost sound quality with the new generation kind of bass booster.  To get the best quality, you adjust the sound boost levels. The use of headphones will ensure you enjoy the maximum bass effect.  The app is available on the Google Play store. It is free, although it comes with ads.

Volume booster




Bass Boost: HD Audio




The experience may be affected by the type of headphones and whether they have a bass limit. When using the app, you should ensure you do not mess with your eardrums. Sometimes earphones and headphones have their set limits.   It is excellent for the subwoofer. It may be interfered with when working on something else.