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Best python IDE 2022

20 Best IDEs for Python and text editors

Best IDEs for Python; Visual studio code, Atom editor, Jupyter notebook, PyCharm, Kite, Eric, Vim, Thonny, Eclipse, Gedit, Rodeo, Anaconda, Emacs, Visual studio, IDle, Notebook, Bluefish, Sublime text editor, Notepad+++, Google collab python notebook
Best IDEs for Python; Visual studio code, Atom editor, Jupyter notebook, PyCharm, Kite, Eric, Vim, Thonny, Eclipse, Gedit, Rodeo, Anaconda, Emacs, Visual studio, IDle, Notebook, Bluefish, Sublime text editor, Notepad+++, Google collab python notebook

What are the best IDEs for Python?

Are you looking for the best IDE on Mac or Windows? we have analyzed it for you. The choice of python IDE will be determined by the level at which you are in your python journey. You may get an online text editor or one that you can download. This python IDE review 20 options.

  • Visual studio code
  • Atom editor
  • Jupyter notebook
  • PyCharm
  • Kite
  • Eric
  • Vim
  • Thonny
  • Eclipse
  • Gedit
  • Rodeo
  • Anaconda
  • Emacs
  • Visual studio
  • IDle
  • Notebook
  • Bluefish:
  • Sublime text editor
  • Notepad+++
  • Google collab python notebook

Why python IDE?

The word IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. Python is open-source software that is versatile and easy to use. You need an editor to code, debug and manage databases whether creating a web application or a system.

When you are new to python programming, terminal window, and text editors like Notepad++ and emacs may work. However, as you progress in your journey, this is likely to change for you need a friendly environment to work from. You may prefer to code, execute, and debug in one space.

The article discusses a variety of options. You will choose which of these IDEs serve your purpose.


Visual Studio code

An IDE that is made by Microsoft and is an integrated environment for macOS, Linux and Windows. It supports syntax highlighting, debugging and intelligent code completion. It is a streamlined code editor. It is powerful. You use the Microsoft python extension that works with several interpreters. You will need to install visual studio code before installing python.


Atom Editor

Text editor that supports interactive computing. It is open-source, free, works with several operating systems. The IDE was developed by Facebook with the support of an open community at Github.  The open community still provides additional plugins and support. The company then decided to have it as open-source software. You can run multiple projects or a whole project on one window. It has a pre-installed user interface.

Atom IDE works with Linux, Windows and OSX. It is flexible and has ready customization. Atom can be expanded and is a lightweight editor. Atom is a hackable text editor.

Jupyter notebook

Open source, web-based that Came after python and Has been around since 2014.  The acronym stands for Julia, Python and R. It is easy to integrate several online libraries. Jupyter supports several languages including python. The environment has built-in plugins. With the Jupyter notebook, you will be able to work with mathematics. Rich media, rich text, plots and code execution.


The IDE was developed in python and Java. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. It has an autocomplete feature and is good for debugging. It is cross-platform.PyCharm works with multiple scripts and is good for data science. Pycharm is available for free as well as a professional version which is paid. You can install Pycham Edu for learning purposes. Pycharm is one of the best python IDE on windows.


The Kite engine is AI-powered that supports several IDEs. It supports 16 code editors and 16 languages including python. You can view python docs by just moving the mouse over. It autocompletes several lines of code through the code completion capacity. Kite has how-tos and helps find related code. Has good documentation that will help one cut keystrokes. It is a free software by python software foundation. The aim of developing the environment was to ensure that developers save on the time they use to code.

There is a variety of tools and management of repetitive tasks.  The kite copilot is a desktop app that helps developers get information without the use of a web browser. Users define it as machine learning integrated into programming.


Python editor. Based on Qt, Python, PyQt UI toolkit cross-platform.

It is free. Installation instructions are on Eric’s website for different operating systems

How to run Eric Python IDE?

Installation is done on python virtual environment


Python IDE for Unix is free and open source. Vim as IDE is quick, light and efficient. It is reliable and customizable. Most importantly, it does not require a mouse and is extensible. You set your indentation rules manually.  VIM has several variants. There are four modes in VIM and each shows the name at the bottom. These are Insert, Normal, Visual and Command. Features include error detection, debugging and code completion.


Great for beginners for it is easy to work with. It can also be used by teachers in a classroom environment to introduce their students to python. Thonny for windows It is free and has a great debugger. Beginners will benefit from the visualization and step by step expressions. It highlights the variable scope


Developed by Eclipse foundation by IBM. It is written in C and Java. It has an extensible plugin and a base workspace. Eclipse supports a cloud-based development environment and desktop.  It is easy to install eclipse from the zip file that you download. Pydev

A python ide for eclipse


It is pre-installed in Linux as a desktop environment. It is a default text editor for the GNOME desktop environment. It is good for general-purpose text editing. The strengths are the ease of use and simplicity. The IDE is written in C and python. You can add plugins. This is UTF-8 compatible and is for GNOME desktop systems. You can get Gedit free download for windows. You can also get Gedit to download for mac


You may be wondering Which python IDE best suits data science. It was built specifically for data science and is good for machine learning. It was developed by Yhat. It is free to download. Rodeo explore and interact with data and plots. You will learn data structures without the need to learn code.


The IDE has more than 25 million users from around the world. It is used for both python and R data processing. It has thousands of open-source libraries and packages. Conda packages have over 75000 machine learning and data science packages. The individual edition is free and open source. It is known as the single most popular python distribution software. There is also an enterprise edition, team edition and commercial edition which are available for sale.


It is more than a text editor. Used in a production environment. It helps you keep track of appointments, tasks, and appointments. You can manage

Works well with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It is suited for python and R programming languages.  The individual edition is free but the rest are sold as software as a service.

Integrate things into the workflow.  Emacs has a python library. It allows indentation and highlights syntax. There is a built-in python mode in emax. It supports syntax highlighting, shell interaction, movement, shell completion, shell package support, symbol completion, PDB tracking.  Emacs supports a virtual environment.


Integrated Development and Learning Environment. IDLE is written in python. Has both a shell window and an editor window. It has the default implementation of the python language. It is good for python beginners.


An advanced text editor that is free and supports multiple languages including programming, websites, and scripts. It is a powerful editor.

Free, open-source support many languages. suitable for those at the advanced stage of python since

Sublime text editor

This is a commercial text editor. It can however be downloaded for free but you have limitations of use once you download. You can however evaluate it for an unlimited amount of time before purchase.  It is easily extendible, fast and very powerful. It has a syntax highlight feature. It is a good IDE for Linux, Mac, and windows. It is a good text editor for MacBook


A free Source code editor and a text editor. It is free to download when downloaded from the Microsoft source. You can open multiple files that can be opened to one single window. It is a good editor for Microsoft windows. The editor Is written in C++. Besides python, Notepad+++ supports other programming languages C, C++/CLI, C#,  and C++.

Google Colab python notebook

This is a specialized Jupyter notebook. The IDE allows you to execute python on a browser with no configuration requirements. It is free and runs on the cloud. It is a good python IDE for Windows, Open source Translated into over 80 languages, easy to use. Google Colab Python Notebook is GPL-licensed. If you are interested in using your python ide online, this is a good choice.


Depending on your experience and your operating system, you have the best IDEs python has to offer.

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