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Flipaclip for pc – animation Softwar.

flip a clip for pc for animation and cartoon making needs
flip a clip for pc for animation and cartoon making needs

Flipaclip for computer

flipaclip for pc apk is your  free animation app. we also examine apps like flipaclip for pc

What is FlipaClip?

A picture talks a thousand words. An animation does more. If you are looking into creating simple animated series, go for animated series, go for FlipaClip. The app is a product of Visual Blasters LLC. It is a free app that works well with Windows and macOS. Since it is an APK, you will need to install your favourite emulator.


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Variety of drawing tools

The app has several tools at your disposal. You can use it either with your pc where your mouse can hover over different devices using the mouse and mouse pointer. On your smartphone, you can use digital pens to draw on your iPhone.

Drawing of layers

You will need to specify the number of frames you want to play per second.  The app allows you to play around with your frames to see what works best and what is best for your animation. You may preview as many times as you wish to get that perfect animation. The frames will determine how smooth your animation gets. You have options of 24, 12, and 6 frames.

Frame manager

You can manage the frames through the frame manager. It is possible to control the layers that are at the bottom of your working interface.

Transparency of layers

The various layers that one can see through. It allows you to trace the image you worked on previously or even make changes. It is as onion skin.  To depict movement, move the new frame up or down or even sideways relative to the previous frame. 

Animation timeline

When you draw your layers, you want to give them movement. The movement is provided by the amount of time you allocate per layer.  You will have to specify the settings when you are saving your drawings.

How to make videos from animation

You have done your drawing, timed, and even previewed. You have saved the last version. You can now export. To do so on the right side, click on create a movie from the options provided.  The available formats are MP4, GIF, or PNG SEQ. You can choose to maintain the name or change the name.  With this, you can share videos on Instagram, youtube, or any other social networking site of your choice. You can use your video for presentations. You can even remove the watermark when editing your videos.

Compatibility with other systems

Originally Flipaclip is designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  With a good emulator, you can use it on the pc if you have your Mac or Windows PC.

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How to install Flipaclip for pc

How do I get the  Flipaclip on my computer?

Before you download, flip a clip from the PC first, ensure you download an emulator of your choice on your pc. There is a range of emulators that include Andy, Bluestacks, NOX Player, among others. You will get the download procedures given. Ensure you complete the FlipaClip download process when don opens your Google account.   Where you download the app is dependent on the gadget you own or the account you own. You can either do it from Apple Store or even from the company website. Google Play Store. You then need to download the FlipaClip APK to your emulator.  Let the installation process get to completion.

How to use FlipaClip for windows

To use the app on your pc that uses windows software is easy and straight forward. If you have just downloaded and you are the first user on the computer. If someone else had done a project before, you see their projects on the first and second row. There is a plus (+) button on your right. Click on it and add the project name. You can choose default settings. You also have a chance to choose the colours you wish to use for your background.

You can then click on the “project tab.” Other functions are copy, paste, redo, and undoing. Having background music will be good for your video.

How easy is it to use Flipaclip?

The user interface is great, with tools in places that are easily accessible on the right-hand side. Among the tools are pens, pencils, erasers, text, paint buckets, among others.  You have your frames presented at the bottom.  Other important buttons include the plus (+), which gets you to the next button—the play button on the top right. When you start using it is good to know the use of every feature. It is, however, a straightforward app to manage.

Using the Paper bar

On Flipaclip, paper is a control feature that helps in movement between pages. It gives control over how you move between pages. There are arrows on the right, left, right, and left.


Flipaclip and Opacity

What is opacity? The description of how much light is allowed to pass through and ranges between 0 %( see-through) to 100 %( solid). To change the layer’s opacity, go to the “Menu “on the particular layer you would love to change. You can drag up and down until you get your preferred level of opacity.

Colour modifier

The feature is available on the flip a clip to help you choose between colours.

The Pencil tool


There are several drawing tools available to choose from, depending on the line’s thickness or effect to give your animation. These include pencils, brush, markers, and eyeliner.


You can put some text on the Flipaclip animation project. You can manage the size and type of text suitable for different parts of your projects. The placement of your project is also essential, whether left, right or centre.


In the drawing, an eraser is another essential tool. You can choose the preferred size of the eraser that works for you. The eraser comes presented in the form of a small box.

Other animation apps –flip a clip alternatives.

Synfig studio

Synfig Studio is open-source software with 2D animation by GitHub. The app is very professional, and you may need time to study it. It is a free app rich in capabilities and tools and supports tweening animations—a more advanced free app. The app has all the crucial features and an excellent user interface. This app has very many options. It is not the best in terms of the user interface but very rich in tools and capabilities. It has essential drawing tools. It supports tweening animations. Although free, it has advanced features not typically seen in free apps.

Pencil 2D

A free, open-source animation tool available to use on Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. It is, however, a little slow in Linux. It is easy to use, and no training is required. The timeline is great but has no twining capabilities.  The tool has a vector source and is easy to zoom into and scale-up.

Toontastic 3D by Google

Passionate about storytelling, this app is excellent for you.  The tool is so easy to use that Kids can animate and narrate as they record cartoons. You can use it to draw images, animate them and even describe—the app by Also usable on Android and iOS. Toontastic is a 3D storytelling app developed for both iOS, and you can use Toontastic on pc.

PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is a great app. The app is a 100% free animator. Crowned the most entertaining tool in Google plays in 2017. Pics Art Animator, a cartoon maker. It is excellent both for video and pictures. PicsArt Animator is easy to use.  You can use a photo of your choice from your gallery or draw with a finger on a blank screen or canvas.

Adobe animate

A product of adobe systems. You need the creative cloud membership to download the free adobe animate version. The app is easy to use, fast. And has a 2D animation feature. It also animates vector graphics. The app is suitable for making television programs, web and internet applications, and online videos.

Kriita for Chrome OS

Another alternative to Flipaclip is Kriita, which is for big-screen devices, including chrome books and tablets. A free drawing and animation app. It would, however, would be great to donate to keep it well maintained. The app is on the windows store—excellent audio capabilities to integrate into your work. You can download it from Kriita.org. Frame by frame interface is easy to use and even export videos. You can even set up keyboard shortcuts.  The app is still a beta release.


Flipaclip for PC is an excellent tool for your animation work. It is not only free but also easy to use for both armatures and professionals. You can make your GIF and video cartoons. All you need is a great emulator, and you are free to use your pc. However, several options in the market may suit your needs.