Goodnotes for PC
Goodnotes for PC

Are you an Avid reader? Try GoodNotes for Mac

A good digital planner will help you get organized. try GoodNotes for Mac
A good digital planner will help you get organized. try GoodNotes for Mac

What does GoodNotes for Mac do?

GoodNotes is a digital planner that provides a puts all your documents in one place. It is a productivity application. You can zoom, resize, and can re-order your writing. GoodNotes 5 is the current version. There was an earlier version that could not upload images well, could not handle links very well. The app experienced problems with the reception in the market. However, they replaced it with   GoodNotes 5 for Mac, which is available on  Mac App Store. You can now add all your existing documents from your MacPc to GoodNotes. 


You buy the software once, and then you have the right to use it on your other devices.  


PDF Annotation

You can import pdf from any source, including your browser. You will not need to leave your browser. You can copy them in the app other sources, including the browser.

Folders and Favorites

Ease of document management through folders. You can also create subfolders. You may also classify documents. The favorites get priority.

Search feature

The feature enables one to search documents from your existing library.

Quick note

Double-tap to get a new blank note.  It takes a very short time to write down notes through a quick note button. After you are done, you can choose whether to keep it.

iCloud Sync

You can secure documents to the cloud. You may also synchronize your documents across your devices.

Cover and paper Templates

There exists a wide variety of templates of paper templates and covers for various occasions. In case you need more personalized ones, there is an option to import. You can also re-use the templates as you wish.

Drag & drop

The software allows you to drag & drop.

Scrolling and Direction

You can flexibly move your document up and down for access and also from side to side.

PDF Hyperlinks on imported documents are functional.

You can link your notes to within and outside.

Document Tabs

 Suppose you want to switch between multiple documents quickly. Almost similar to tabbed web browsing on the internet. You are thus making it easy to use.


Open Up Mode

This feature ensures you flip through your content without leaving strokes or marks.

Help and support

You can get help from their website on There is also a Frequently Asked Questions, troubleshooting, references for the app. The website also has a blog.

Right-click to edit

Change a few things by right-clicking.

Other Features

You can use the pen with the mouse. Many features will work as they do on a tablet—kits on finder by grabbing and adding.  Move one at a time. They come in different sizes. Drag and drop at the edge of the site. They are the same size.

How to download and Install

You can get it from Mac AppStore for $7.99.  You can access this from the Goodnotes website by Clicking on the Mac button that will direct you to click on the Get App button. This app is compatible with Mac 10.15 or later.   You will get more information on GoodNotes for Mac. You can use a mouse for navigation.  If you already bought the app or its previous version, there is no need to pay again. You will get a prompt to confirm whether you still wish to download GoodNote5. Click on buy. If you have a previous version, the upload is free. Click on ok.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use GoodNote on PC?

Yes, by downloading the app from the company’s website upon paying.

How do I get GoodNotes for Mac?

It is available on the Mac App Store. You can synchronize all your changes between your apple gadgets using the cloud. It is important to consider the universal macOS version released in October 2019. 

How to use Good notes for Mac?

You will need to open the thumbnail view.

If I have earlier versions, can I use GoodNote 5?

The previous mac versions of GoodNote are still in use but not compatible with GoodNote 5 on iOS. They are also not receiving any major updates.

What languages are supported by GoodNote?

The languages include English (both UK and US), German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Portuguese (PT/BR)

How do you lock the screen when using presentation mode?

You will need to open the same document two times. You will then click the share button. Set GoodNotes to “mirror presenter view.” Select the window to show to your audience, and present from the window under the share button.  The two windows are also independent. You can make changes to the hidden window while you zoom the presenting window for the audience. Hence you can still flip other pages and edit while the audience only sees the presentation window.

Where to find options in Google Notes?

From settings, customize GoodNotes to your taste.  You will find this from Menu then settings. You may also tap the gear icon located on the upper right-hand side. From the template library, you can rearrange templates, change default paper templates, cover new for notebooks, quick notes, and create new groups, among other options. You can also change interface, language, disable, and enable cloud sync, among others. 

Other options to GoodNote


Notability is productivity software for work or school or just for life information.  It is simple yet powerful. With Notability, you can open tabs side by side. Users of Notability can record audio files while at the same time taking notes. Notability also allows the user to add and annotate PDFs. You can also organize and create work.  The app supports family sharing. It is a product by GingerlabsIt available on mac App Store.

Popular Alternatives

Note lab

This app is a digital notebook that is advanced and precisely designed. It has a mathematical orientation and is easy to work with formulas and graphs. Download the app directly from the company’s official website


Noteledge is a multimedia note-taking app that is versatile. It also allows users to sketch ideas and take notes.



GoodNotes for Mac is a very convenient and user-friendly app. Remember to use GoodNotes5 for the best updates and results.