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VPN Master for PC

VPN Master for PC, Best VPN
VPN Master for PC, Best VPN

What is VPN Master?

Afraid of being tracked and hacked online? Then it would help if you considered a VPN. VPN Master for PC. It is a very secure open-source software that allows you to browse anonymously without being seen by your ISP. It also unblocks applications and websites. The company that developed the App is Innovative Connecting PTE Ltd. It is also configurable and ensures that communication is secure between servers and clients. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN). The App allows the user to access content that would have otherwise not accessed due to location restrictions: no speed or bandwidth limits on this VPN.

Operating platform:

Windows 7, 8, 9 and 10, XP, macOS, Linux


The app servers are in several locations, more than 6000 in total—these servers in 40 countries.



Downloading the App is very easy, and you don’t need to be a pro. The App has great menus; the speed is good but can be better. The App does not have annoying ads and is a user-friendly setup guide. The App has a high bandwidth speed. You can use it to browse when traveling to unblock websites and apps. You are not limited to usage and time. One license is only for one device, so you have to install the VPN on every computer. Most of the reviews on the Google play store are excellent, with many satisfied customers save for a few.


With the App, you do not have to worry about your location. This VPN will bypass internet features for you. You can comfortably watch content meant for the USA market while living in Asia. Some countries have a restriction on what you can use. This VPN will sort this problem for you.

Ease of Registration

Very few apps will allow you to register without giving credit card information. VPN Master, you have free access for 14 days. You do not require additional permissions. If you want to unsubscribe from the VPN, you will have no problems.


While the site promises very great speeds, this is limited for free users. It is free of proxy. However, free users have complained of the VPN slowing down their machines. With multiple nodes and proxy servers, you can always change your preference to see what works best for you.


The App is compatible with several protocols and platforms. Works on different platforms 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi etc. VPN Master is also compatible with all mobile carriers and has two free proxy providers. The server type can be SOCKS5, SOCKS4, and HTTP.

How to Install

The App is available on Google App Store. to download VPN master, go to Download from Once you get the Setup File, extract it to set up; please note the file will mostly download in extract format. VPN Master File will have both MSI and a text file format. Use the MSI file to set up. Follow instructions and install them. You will get an app on the desktop.


Using VPN Master

Open the file, choose your preferred server from ones offered around the world. You can change servers any time you wish.


The App works by encrypting data to a tunnel and cannot be seen by local Internet Service Providers (ISPS). The VPN does not keep logs. However, it is an American software and is subject to American laws on data protection and sharing—the VPN boast of having incredible encryption, almost military rating. USA is recommending The New Patriots Act, where the FBI is authorized to check on US browsing history anonymously. It is not yet apparent how this will affect the VPN.


The company also supports the users, and hence you can send screenshots to them when you have a problem. You may again try changing servers to more efficient ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPN Master legal?

The use of VPN in most countries is legal, including the USA. However, remember the local laws. Anything transmitted in this network will be illegal to send if it is illegal elsewhere.

Alternatives to VPN Master for PC

Surf shark

This software will enable you to escape surveillance. The company has 24 hours support. You can use the VPN to connect to different devices at the same time. It is a paid VPN that is cheap. As of April 2020, the charges were USD 1.99. T no logs.

Express VPN

They are offered by Express VPN international, which is a British Virgin Island company. In 2020 express VPN has reduced their prices and has invested so much in marketing their products online. It is suitable for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, routers, among others.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is also a personal VPN with desktop, android, and TV applications. It is also developed by a USA company Tefincon and released in 2012. You can browse a website from any part of the world, you don’t need an account, and you can change the country in the server you want to get to by getting into settings.

Turbo VPN

This VPN is free and is suitable for unblocking sites and access to restricted content. It is, however, meant for android systems, and for you to use it for PC, you will need an emulator. Popular emulators include MEmu, Nox Player, Bluestacks. It ranks highly on the Google play store and has very positive reviews. It ranks highly on security and privacy.


If you are looking into surfing anonymously or use disallowed content in your location, this VPN will be right for you. This App is good for unlimited web access, comfortable speed, and access to blocked content. It is also free and safe from money and data theft. The users have mixed feelings about the device. At the same time, the developers claim super speed. This VPN is mostly suitable for single users and not for networks.

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