Lucky patcher-Unlock your potential

Best hacking app-Luckypatcher
Best hacking app-Luckypatcher

This lucky patcher review looks into what lucky patcher app can do for you.  Lucky patcher has many uses. 

Lucky patcher Features

  •  Switches settings
  • In-app purchases
  • Custom patches
  • Backup android games and apps
  • Blocks license verifications and bypass Play Store billing section hence giving you free access to premium apps
  • Blocks and removes ads and pop-ups
  • Hacking of games, free gems automatically take you to new levels without waiting, unlocking features
  • Can modify permissions on apps
  • You can back up modified games and apps.
  • The app also bypasses the ads feature, and you can have your favourite games uninterrupted. You also have pro versions of your favourite app.

Latest Games

Within a brief span of a game is launched, you will be able to get it on lucky patcher. Among these games include;

 Subway surfer

When playing this game, you can get gems and coins for free without buying or wasting time.

Hungry Shark’s Evolution,

You can unblock the best weapons and the best sharks.

Injustice: God among us

You will be able to unlock unlimited offers and coins. You will also have all the best characters that you would have purchased.


lucky patcher
Lucky patcher for PC

User forums

You can sign up and be a member of user forums to share your knowledge and learn from other users.

Is lucky patcher safe?

Some systems may classify the software as malware. You may also encounter difficulties while installing. The app is safe and in use by many people around the world. It is trustworthy, and users are not complaining.

How to download the lucky patcher app?

Officially, the app is for android phones.  To enjoy the app on pc, you will need a suitable emulator.  Any emulator will be okay. Examples include Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmu.

Ensure you download the latest version of the software from its office. As of April 2020, the newest version is V8.7.3 APK. It is an APK for android, and you will need an emulator to use it on PC.

How to Install Lucky Patcher App?

After a successful download of the app to your PC, click on install. In case the installation is blocked. Click on the button allows the installation of unknown sources by going to settings.

Can a lucky patcher hack any game?

There is a move towards having games using their servers and based on the internet, making it difficult to hack.

Can you hide lucky patcher from other apps?

 It is possible through activation of Xposed the module on the enable option.

How do you Block ads?

  • Root your device. Different devices have different root process—Google how to root your device on YouTube or just Google resources.
  • Ensure you install the app
  • Go to the app folder. You will see the ads
  • Open Lucky patcher app to see all apps on your device
  • Select the app you want to remove ads from and click
  • Go to open menu patches from the options
  • From the next menu, press on “remove google ads.”
  • The next menu, you will select the option of the patch to remove google ads
  • Then apply button
  • You will get the success message
  • Congratulations.

How to remove the app

Blocking ads

  • Root the device using the appropriate rooting process depending on your device
  • Download an emulator
  • Download the Lucky patcher and open it with the emulator
  • Get to the app, you want to remove ads from
  • Go to folders then ads
  • Open luck patcher and see all apps loaded on your
  • Press on the app” remove ads, an open menu of patches
  • There is a menu with different options
  • Press “Remove Ads” and continue.
  • Apply and see remove ads waiting
  • When done, you will see the success message.
  • Open the patched app and no more ads


How to block ads with Lucky Patcher

Popular lucky Patcher Alternatives

Creehack Program

Creekhack is a free app that is known for its excellent interface. It is also one of the best hacking apps.  You may wish to enjoy your premium app for free or free gems, lives, and coins. Creekhack is an open app and does not require root access. You can hack and change some things in offline games. With this app, you can crack unlimited games. It also helps you edit android gaming.

Cheat Engine

Developed by Github and distributed under the GNULx2 license. , it is open-source software. As the name suggests,  Cheat Engine allows you to cheat in video games. It modes games to suit your use. It is possible to modify and recompile to evade detention.


Freedom app

For those looking for the best hacking app in the market try out Freedom app.It works as well as a lucky patcher. If your device does not support a lucky


Patcher, this will work well.  It can hack into most of the games. With this, you can hack premium programs, in-app buys.

Leo play card

Great for getting paid games and game resources for free. The developers of the app are by Harsh. Unlike Lucky Patch, it does not require you to root your device and synchronize with almost all applications.  You can also use Leo Playcard to control objects in the game.


Lucky patcher for PC is a tool that everyone needs. It may be the best hacking app suitable for gamers and those who want to enjoy free content for free from Google. It, however, requires one to root the device. There are great options in the market. If your device does not support a lucky patcher or you don’t want to root your device.