15 Best Parental Control APPS in 2021

This is the review of best parental control apps.
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Best apps for parental control

You need parental control app for your children, tweens and teens. Internet is now part of our day to day lives.  It has changed the way we interact, live, work and play. The growth of internet use has been catapulted by COVID19. Most children are now taking their classes from home, interacting online or even having virtual parties. Kids are owning a phone before the age of 10. Before the pandemic, the average age for owning a phone was 10.5 years. 

Advantages of  Technology to children

Parents know the enormous opportunity presented by technology with the new world of possibilities. Every parent is looking for the best parental control app to ensure that the children have the benefits that technology has presented but also stay safe. Our parental control app review will give you insights that you will need when choosing to buy the best parental control software in 2021.  Or use any free parental control software in the market.

What are the risks of your child using the internet?

To choose the best parental control app, parents should understand the risks that the children face. The risks are very much dependent on the age of the child.  Parents are worried that children spend too much time on the internet at the expense of any other important activity.

Cyber Addiction

You may also worry about cyber addiction which may have the same consequences as any other addiction.

Negative Digital Signature

A negative digital signature will affect the child later in life. Most of the information children posts may remain online for a very long time.


Phishing will involve people pausing as legitimate organizations only to deceive our children online. The children may give sensitive information thinking they are giving to the Telephone Company, tax agency or even lottery. There are also very many cyber scams that may include the letters, non-delivery of merchandise that your child may fall for when browsing online.


in children is becoming common where children are exposed. This is harassment that is perpetrated on the internet. Some children have got into serious mental health problems and others have committed suicide. We should understand that our children are sensitive.

Online predators

The predators are always on the lookout for vulnerable children. They may be interested in exploiting them for sex, slavery or even to record child porn.  Predators will use your child’s online profile to lure them. They mostly pretend to be your their age.


is common amongst children that include teenagers. In some cases, children are sexting with adults or adults pausing as children.


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child online security

What is the best internet control Software?

Depending on the gadget you are using you will need to identify the best parental control software. If you are using a smartphone you can use this parental control app your partner. Several apps exist in the market. They include free parental control apps and free parental control apps for your PC. There are some that you will have to pay some money to access.

1.            Mspy 

Spy Is a quality control software for children that is very easy to install and set up. You will need to install on the target phone.  The app is affordable compared to most apps in this category.

  • GPS tracking and monitoring
  • Social media, email and behavioural analysis
  • It has an encryption data to server encryption format
  • You can check the browser history including photos shared, SMSES, and unsaved logs.


  1. Net nanny

Net nanny is an app by a well-established developer who was the first to develop. it is a great app for family control with the countless number of features.

  • Very easy to use, you do not need training since it is self-explanatory
  • The app is cheap.
  • You can monitor up to five devices.
  • You will first need to download it on your phone and then on your child’s phone.
  • The app blocks dangerous content from 14 website categories. T
  • SMS monitoring
  • Monitors Facebook activity.


The biggest selling point for this app is its ability to filter and block apps. You have both real-time monitoring and an amazing database at your disposal. You will know what apps have been used on the phone.   The app has time management features works smoothly. The app, however, lacks geo-referencing capability. Only the last place

You will need to have login credentials and set up permissions access. You will also put your children details including age and gender.

It is great to engage children when you are using this app. you can use it in an unlimited number of devices.


There is an Activity section with activities, location mobile app. the app gives you alerts and blocks the content that is not suitable. Net nanny is one of the best apps that you can have for monitoring your child’s online activities.

  1. M M Guardian

The Artificial intelligence-powered app for parents who want to protect their children online. Every time your child tries to access inappropriate pictures or sites you will receive an alert. The app also helps monitor cyberbullying, violence, drugs, and suicidal thoughts among others. The app will monitor the message and give you comprehensive reports. It has a call and SMS blocking capability. Location tracking is also possible on the app. you may want to set daily usage limits for a particular app or even on the phone. You can have settings on when the phone will be blocked and when they can use it hence helping them balance between phone and essential activities like play and homework to ensure safe browsing, the app will filter the content containing porn. You will have categories of websites allowed and those that are not.

  1. Kaspersky safe kids

This app is extremely flexible easy to install and set up an account.  It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.  You have an option of using the trial for seven days before buying the full software. The cost is approximately 15USD but will be displayed in your local currency. You will also need to install on children’s phone.  The app uses 254 AES encryption. The features include

  • A new feature on YouTube search history.
  • Screen time management
  • Real-time alerts
  • Location and battery level
  • Block inappropriate YouTube search requests
  • Block adult content
  • You manage access and use of games
  • Shares online advice and tips


The app is clear very responsive. While the interface may be different from what you are expecting, it has top-level menus. The “Where is my child,” allows you to set up schedules so that you can tell whether the child leaves an area as scheduled. The apps have Geo-referencing capabilities.


Internet safety for parents is crucial. It is an app supported by a range of devices and is excellent in web filtering and web interface guiding. It is among the few apps you can use on  Kindle. The app is great for time management, texting management. You can monitor costs. Location tracking is also another important feature on the app. although  It’s a bit expensive the cost is worth it given the excellent features that the app has. One of the best features is the panic button in case the child is in distress.

6.   Famisafe parental control

The parental control app and location tracker. It is easy to install without jailbreak and root.

Famisafe locks apps by age and blocks unfavourable content.  It will help you limit the time they use. The intelligent scheduler will help you manage your child’s time.  You can even block the device on a particular location. It is basic and easy to use. Your child’s browser history will be easy to check.



7. Family time


Have your children be accessing the internet when they are supposed to be doing their homework or sleeping, you have a friend in family time. The app has a unique bedtime feature. You can limit the time they spend on the internet.  The app has location tracking capabilities.

8. Norton family parental control software

 Norton has been in the cybersecurity business for some time. Their application that uses GPS locator you can use it on several devices. It makes use of online search key work alerts and monitors social keywords.  The app will help protect personal information. The app is easy to use that you will not need the training to use it. You have an activity section.

With Norton, you can add the social media accounts you wish to monitor through My Norton account. You can add unlimited devices which you can add any time. You can monitor  Facebook activity. The app is extremely flexible and easy to set up and install.

9. Spyzie parental control app

Spyzie is one of the most popular parental control apps that has a great interface. It is also undetectable. No jailbreaking or rooting is required. The app can track calls, SMS, monitor social media activity and have real-time location tracking.  The app will also block inappropriate material.


With spyzie you will keep off cyberbullies, pornography and other threats at bay. You will need to put the app on the device that is you wish to monitor. You will easily view complete history including, call logs which are in chronological order.  You can track your device and see what they are viewing or browsing online. You also get to view photos and videos.  You can also access and know all the apps that the child installs.


10.  Jane Moore parental control apps

A fully remote app that can disable internet access. Parents get daily email reports on their child’s activity. There are close and secure features. If you are looking into managing your child’s time you can limit screen time on the target phone.  With this app, you will easily stay ahead of the bad guys.

11. Bark social media monitoring and text monitoring app

The bark is an app with several capabilities it has a wide coverage than most online tools and covers the following social media networks. It is also good for monitoring online messaging and texting.  Among them;

Wide coverage than most online tools and can monitor over 24 media platforms. Works with Messager, Instagram, apple, TikTok, Twitter, Gmail, flicker, YouTube, hangout, Massager kids, Gmail, Twitter, Tagging, Google +, Vine

With Bark, you will get automatic emails or text when barks algorithm detects potential risk. The algorithm is designed by behavioural scientist hence it is reliable. It will pick anything on bullying, online predators, sexting or even conversation about suicide.

The bark is good for older kids and teenagers. You will enjoy 24/7 detection.

12. Kid logger

This is a parental control app which is compatible with most devices including android, windows and Mac. It, however, works best with Android devices.  You will be able to monitor who your child has communicated to on phone, Facebook, SMS, Skype. You can also tell where your child has been on android phone.  With this app, you can tell what sites the child visits and how long they have been engaged on the computer.


13. Life360

The app can be used on the go and at home. It is a family locator with a GPS tracker. The app offers a range of services which come with membership.  It offers 24/7 emergency dispatch ensuring the entire family is safe.  Children in distress can send a silent alert to emergency services. Besides, identity theft protection to safeguard.


14. Family Orbit app for kids

Family Orbit is a parental control software that can be used both on iOS and android. You can use the app to monitor the child. You can locate your children on a real-time map. When there is an inappropriate activity the app will detect. With Orbit app will view call history, websites visited and text messages.

15. Family zone

An app with a very easy to use interface. It enables the parents to monitors devices remotely. The app is for use with IOS 8 or later. You can also use it on Androids version 4.0.3 or later.  From the Family Zone, you can choose and block apps and sites you do not want your children to access. With this app, you can manage the time children spend on the screen, manage social media usage. If you want to block individual apps, the family zone is your go-to software. It will help you control the usage of that they should not be having at a young age. The apps include snap chat or Facebook.

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Our Take

Family tech safety is crucial for everyone in it, especially children. Parents have to expand their parenting horizon to where the children are, that is online. You will need to choose the best parental control app that is age-appropriate to your needs and meets the needs of your children as well.